What if you don’t get an erection?

Erections increase the penis as a result of filling the cavernous bodies with blood. Erections occur under the influence of visual stimuli, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal, stimulation, etc.

Periodic or permanent absence of an erection is a symptom of erectile dysfunction. But why does this happen and is it possible to cure?

The reasons for the lack of erections

The true reasons for erectile dysfunction can only be established by a doctor, based on the patient’s complaints, examination, analysis and elucidation of the patient’s psychological condition. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor the very first time you get this problem. Otherwise, the disease will develop into an irreversible form, that is, impotence.

In most cases, erectile dysfunction is a temporary phenomenon and is successfully treated. The most common cause is overwork and violation of the work and rest regime. If your work is associated with excessive physical or mental stress, you should eat enough and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Only in this way the body is restored naturally and without harming your health.

Nervous overstrain is another common cause of erectile dysfunction. If you are constantly gnawed with envy, resentment, fear and hatred, do not be surprised that all of your sexual energy is wasted.

In addition, the erection disappears under the influence of the following factors:

  • diffidence;
  • negative experience of sex in the past;
  • conflicts with partner;
  • discontent with one’s own body.

A man can not always solve these problems on his own. To lower the degree of emotion, go to a psychologist or take sedatives.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is a sign of health problems, such as:

  • congenital pathologies of the reproductive system;
  • prostatitis;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • penis injuries;
  • cardiovascular illnesses;
  • nervous system issues;
  • hormonal failures.

Often an erection disappears with age. How can you resist and keep your health until old age? The best means, other than a healthy way of life, has not been found.

How to treat erectile dysfunction medically?

Self-medication with synthetic drugs can be dangerous to your health. If you want to stimulate an erection, then use only natural means (folk recipes) and drugs of natural origin (Hammer of Thor, etc.). These funds have no contraindications and are suitable for all men, regardless of age and health status. In addition, they have a tonic effect and replenish the body’s resources. Unlike synthetic drugs that have a temporary effect (the erection after ejaculation disappears again for a long time), Hammer of Thor and similar preparations provide a lasting result. After 1-2 courses, you can control your erection yourself, as any healthy man should be able to do.

Other ways to eliminate erectile dysfunction

Physiotherapy is prescribed as an auxiliary treatment for erectile dysfunction. Effects on the sinusoidal modulated current (CMT) is particularly effective when the cause of the problem is prostatitis. CMT-therapy promotes the acceleration of cellular metabolism, increases blood flow, while saturating the organs of the small pelvis with oxygen.

If problems with the erection have begun only recently and occur irregularly, a vacuum pump will help. How does it work? A penis is inserted into the flask made of transparent plastic. Then the air is pumped out of the bulb with a rubber pear. As the pressure in the flask decreases, penile blood filling improves. The erection becomes bigger and longer lasting. The only drawback of the pump is that you cannot hide it from your partner. But a loving and understanding woman in a strong relationship must understand this and support her partner.

What happens if erectile dysfunction is not treated?

If you ignore problems with potency and do not have a regular sex life, you can provoke stagnant phenomena and inflammation in the pelvic area.

  • They, in turn, provoke illnesses such as:
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • orchitis;
  • vesiculitis;
  • oncological diseases.

Therefore, even minor problems with erections should not be ignored.

In more advanced cases, treatment must take place under the supervision of a doctor.


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  • เพิ่ม
  • ระยะเวลา
  • และความอึดทน
  • ของการแข็งตัว
  • ตื่นตัวอย่างรวดเร็ว
  • ไม่เป็นอันตรายต่อสุขภาพ
  • ไม่ทำให้เกิดอาการติดหรือผลข้างเคียง สารประกอบจากธรรมชาติล้วน องคชาตจะ
  • ใหญ่ขึ้นและมีความแข็งตัวมากขึ้น
  • จุดสุดยอดอันรุนแรง
  • ขยายและเพิ่มความรุนแรงของจุดสุดยอด
  • ลดระยะเวลาการฟื้นตัวหลังมีเพศสัมพันธ์


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